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Combining human intuition and insight with technology for ingenious solutions

About Ingyne

Ingenious Technology and Business Solutions

Ingyne was established in 2011, born out of a real estate investment (REIT) client's necessities.  Ingyne continued to grow out of the desire and need to provide organizations with technology solutions and services that are clever, ingenious and simple to use, exceeding all expectations. 

Located in the Northwest Reno / Tahoe region, an area known for clear blue skies, stunning high-alpine Sierra mountain landscapes and boundless year round recreation.  The atmosphere promotes mindful creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The name, Ingyne, is a Scottish word dating back to the 16th century defined as Genius, Ingenuity, Innate Talent, Intelligence and Wit.  Like its definition, these themes drive our technology solutions to be clever, intuitive and ingenious.  Our goals are to simplify processes, streamline data and create meaningful user experiences that drive critical business decisions and growth.

Over 20 years of Specialized Experience in Real Estate (Commercial, Residential, Corporate, REIT and Institutional Investors) and the Health Care and Automotive Industries.  Though our business has grown since it was founded, our standard of excellence has grown too. We look forward to helping you grow ingeniously! 


We work with the following industries and software solutions for intuitive and simplified solutions.

Real Estate

Over 20 years of experience providing technology solutions in the Real Estate space for Commercial, Residential, Corporate, REIT, Affordable Housing, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Shared Workspace and Institutional Investor (public and private) clients. We have delivered solutions to support operations, billing, accounting, partner investments, cash flow, appraisal valuations (in-house, outsourced), bank integrations, third-party interfaces, financial reporting, many workflow automations and many others.

MRI Software - Real Estate Technology

We will work with you to implement key features and customized solutions that fit your needs.

We are well versed in the following MRI Software features and functions.

Commercial Management

Residential Management

Lease Flow (opportunity management)

General Ledger

Accounts Payable

Purchase Order


Advanced Retail

Budget & Forecasting

Enterprise Security

We are experts in designing and developing custom reporting, process, workflow automation and third-party integration solutions using the following proprietary MRI Software tools.

Toolkit Design Tools (Web, View, Report, Workflow, Database)

Event Management and Notification

Enterprise Security

Report Gateway

Rapid Reports

API Integration

Industry Standard Tools and Services

SQL Enterprise Manager and Database/Query development

SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Spreadsheet Server (MS-Excel report automation that integrates with MRI Software to extend data analytics)


XML data transformation

Health Care

Experience providing solutions for large Health Plans to support operations, patient population on-boarding, cessation programs, health management, patient monitoring, state/federal reporting and help desk services.


Efficient  Intuitive  Simple

Business Process Consulting

We work with you to understand what organizational processes may be opportunities for improvement through technology.  We review and assess business processes to determine current state, gaps and recommend improvements for a future state that will improve processes through technology and automation.

Systems and Data Integration

Our services will bring complex and disparate environments into one consolidated system or align them through means of data integration.  We will work with your organization to architect and design a solution based on desired goals in conjunction with technical architecture.

Systems Development and Migration

Our services will optimize and streamline system and data to create synergies and value from technology.  We will bring your environments up to date by re-platforming or leveraging technologies to improve processes and accessibility of data.

Program and Project Management

Our project management is flexible based on project needs to avoid an overly textbook approach that can put schedule and budget at risk.

Agile Transformation and Delivery

We will use an Agile Method approach and iterative sprints to allow organizational departments and development teams to support the dynamics of ongoing requirements. This delivery approach will keep solution delivery on-track while staying nimble with minimal down time.

Quality Management

This is at the forefront of all solutions.  We want to make sure the quality and experience is what is expected and more.  A solution should add value to the organization by simplifying processes, providing a more intuitive end-product and just make life easier for all end users involved so that their decisions are more informed and their focus can be on higher valued goals.

Change Management

We can work with organizations to help them understand change efforts, assess current and future states, understand feasibility of change and develop plans to make change.

Human Intuitive Design

We will begin by working with the vision and the end goals of a desired solution. Next we will design and implement a solution that considers end users (humans) perspectives, behaviors, what matters to provide a flexible solution that goes beyond expectations.  A good solution will deliver on “how you want it to work - intuitively”.

Technology Enablement

This could be considered our overarching brand-goal.  We strive to bring life to simple to use solutions that connect human mindful intuition to technology expertise. The technology solutions should support the organization, not hinder it.


These services can include support for recently implemented and/or current solutions.  We can provide training and change management or create a custom support porgram.



California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS)
Sacramento, CA

For CalPERS we analyzed, designed, developed and project managed a real estate investment system built from the ground up. The system managed thousands of real estate investments through Partnership relationships around the globe. All Partner cash flow transactions including capital commitments, distributions and contributions are tightly tracked along with key processes including leverage, appraisal valuations, bank wire transfers, internal rates of return, quarterly/annual financials and a wide range of reporting for internal and public consumption.

Beam Living / Wells Fargo
New York, NY

Improved vendor payment efficiency and approval security through an automated payment process integration between MRI Software SaaS cloud and Wells Fargo Payment Manager Service. The process uses a custom encrypted XML file transfer process.


Ramco Property Trust (REIT)
Southfield, MI

Improved process, reporting and data integrity through a number of projects including a large MRI Software web upgrade, architectural upgrade, redesign of custom contact management, custom AR and Collections modules for ease of reporting and data mining, streamlining and consolidation of many custom reports/adhoc queries and third party system data interfaces.

Pleasanton, CA

Improved process efficiency and data integrity with a custom MRI Software module designed and developed to manage financial entity numbering and data management. Developed a custom interface and process to ingest lease abstracting data. Provided specific MRI Software module training programs and Quick Cards for internal staff.


London, UK

Tesco is a large grocery store and retail chain based in the UK with operations in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Hungry, Poland and several other countries. Their real estate portfolio MRI Software solution supports hundreds of users and millions of transactions. We worked closely with Tesco Engineering in Bangalore, India to resolve multi-server environment performance issues along with enhancing custom report and user interface logic to gain efficiencies and improve user experience.

Taubman (REIT)
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Implemented their core MRI Software real estate solution and designed many custom features that improved efficiencies, reporting and data awareness across the system and organization. Designed and developed an in-depth workflow approval process to manage their intensive leasing and construction management processes. The end goal was to gain valuable insight into leasing data/KPIs and ultimately streamline a convoluted approval and reporting process to shorten the lease negotiation and execution cycle.


Inspired Villages Group (IVG)
London, UK

Designed and implemented a custom MRI Software Purchase Order and Invoice workflow authorization, notification and reporting process to manage their multi-tiered departmental approval levels. Algorithms were created to process auto-approvals, unique level approvals, skip approval levels and out-of-office scenarios. Custom reports were developed to accompany approval level configurations and provide management reporting.


There are more!  Our vast portfolio of projects and solutions are impressive. Let's discuss them and identify similarities with your organization's technology endeavors.



Brian Caron
President and Founder


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